Alaska Wolf Lodge: The Bed & Breakfast

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Alaska Wolf Lodge: The Bed & Breakfast
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Alaska Wolf Lodge: The Bed & Breakfast


From the Airport:

Set your car trip odometer to zero at the airport.  From the airport turn right and head to down town Juneau.  After aproximately 1.0 miles you will be on Egan ("The Road" in the local vernacular).  After your odometer reaches aproximately 5.7 miles turn left to Glacier and then make an immediate right on Glacier heading in the same direction that you were traveling on Egan.  Wickersham Drive (our Street) is 0.5 miles from here on the left (6.2 miles total from the airport).  Turn left on Wickersham Drive and continue to the left up Wickersham and The Alaska Wolf Lodge will be on your right (1900 Wickersham Drive) at the final 6.4 miles.  Please pass the first driveway (the EXIT) and enter at the second.  Most of our guests turn around at the end of the street and head directly up the drive to the upper parking lot.  Feel free to park by the stairs to unload your luggage.

From the Ferry

Head toward Juneau on "the road".  After you pass the McDonalds on your right you will then see the airport also on your right; follow directions from above setting your odometer to zero when you see Chilly Willies car wash- also on your right.

From Down Town:

Wickersham is exactly one mile north (away from town) from the Blockbuster Video on Glacier.  Other land marks near by Blockbusters include The Federal Building and Seong's Sushi.  Turn right on Wickersham and follow the instruction listed above.

* Mapquest users should note Wickersham Avenue not Wickersham Drive.  The street sign says DRIVE and Mapquest has us listed as an AVENUE...fortunately there is only one Wickersam in Juneau!



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